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Many schools bring their students to Melville Koppies to see for themselves how Johannesburg’s early farmers smelted ferruginous rocks to form iron and to see if they can spot any remains of early farmers’ stone-walled farmhouses .

Learners are also introduced to the life of hunter-gatherers and show them how they lived, the plants they used as medicine and the plants they ate. It’s not just learners who benefit from Melville Koppies.

It’s also a great place for university professors to show their students what it really means to be a geologist, to get archeology students to experience what life was like back then, and it’s a perfect place for different kinds of science students to study a particular subject. more intensely.

Come visit Melville Koppies on a Sunday. Book a guided tour (phone 079 532 0083) or be there before 08:30 so a guide can point out the many things to see and learn.

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Other options are the self-guided heritage trail, or the 5km hike or grab a map and simply meander along the many trails that criss-cross the Koppies.

Melville Koppies is open from 8 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. every Sunday. Adults R80, children R40; subscription for one year per adult – R500 (non-transferable). Income used for upkeep of Koppies; R22,000 is to be raised per month.

Security on the Koppies is assured; Park in a secure car park opposite the Marks Park entrance at Judith Road, Emmarentia. Contact [email protected] or call 079 532 0083 to find out more.

Check for more detailed information on the story and what you can see or

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Angela C. Hale