The Tulare County Library Book Fair is back in person and kicks off this weekend in Visalia

TULARE COUNTY, Calif. (KFSN) — The Tulare County Public Library in Visalia is gearing up for its fifth annual book festival.

Saturday’s event will feature reading activities for all ages, a used book sale and visits from three authors.

James Ardais is one of the authors.

He is a native of Fresno and a retired judge of Central California’s highest court.

His career in law led him to write five books.

“To write a book, to write a story, it takes discipline, commitment and a story. And then you have to start,” says James.

James was raised by a single mother who helped him learn to read when he struggled as a child.

It was his advice that helped him to persevere.

“She was a pretty tough woman. She was a combat medic in World War II,” James mentions. “But she always said the same thing. The gifts you receive and what you do with them are the gifts you return.”

James mainly writes mystery books based on legal concepts.

This weekend, he will share his latest book on human trafficking, titled “Trading Innocence”.

Hundreds of residents are expected at the book fair this weekend. This is the first in-person return since the pandemic.

This year’s theme is “Mystery”.

The aim of the library is to encourage children to read.

Librarian Jonathan Waltmire worked behind the scenes to make this event happen.

Jonathan says “reading for fun, reading for education helps with things like a better sense of self-esteem, more empathy, being able to feel more connected with our community.”

The Tulare County Library Book Fair kicks off Nov. 5 at the Visalia branch located at 200 W Oak Avenue.

The event is free and runs from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

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Angela C. Hale