The Walking Dead Norman Reedus Book Virtual Tour Event

Norman Reedus’ book tour for his first novel, The Ravagedincluded several virtual events, allowing those unable to attend one of the live events to participate. I was lucky enough to participate in the virtual event organized by Mysterious Galaxy Books, located in San Deigo.

Fans could purchase a virtual ticket and a copy of her novel; a limited number of them have been signed. Ticket holders could also submit questions to Reedus prior to the event.

Reedus started by sharing that he had a book deal to write about his life, but he didn’t want to do it because he didn’t want to be beaten, evading the fact that he had great stories to tell that involved others. people. Maybe one day we will have this book!

He came up with the idea for other fictional stories based on real events and experiences from his past. During the pandemic, he had a lot of downtime, which allowed him to freely write his first novel. The Ravaged tells three stories about the personal quests of Jack, Hunter and Anne, who on their own journeys learn lessons relating to their lives, but their stories also see strange parallels. The book is described as gritty, which Reedus says appeals to him. After he finished writing, he realized that all three stories feature characters running away or going somewhere while finding a sense of family along the way.

One quote Reedus offered resonated with the entire chat room:

“It’s your life; what are you going to fight for? What are you going to run from?

He split his time during lockdown, where he was writing the book and recording his voice for Hell Boss. He had made a recording space out of a child’s teepee which he had covered with blankets for soundproofing. He would record, then jump to spend some time writing, then return to recording. infernal boss is a dark adult animated series in which Reedus played a demon named Striker and sang country songs.

Norman Reedus – second novel

He has already started writing his second novel which will look like The Ravaged, with the different stories heading in a parallel direction. The audiobook for The Ravaged is read by Reedus, which is a treat for fans as he has a very pleasant voice. For the second novel, he has an idea for the audiobook to be read by several people like a play. He even has people in mind for the roles.

He was very complimentary to the people he worked with at Blackstone Publishing, the company that published his book. He said they gave him creative freedom with the book and cover design, which is very unique with a surprise under the jacket. He also shared that working with Frank Bill was wonderful because he really loves partnerships and what comes of it.

When asked what influences his work, he said that every facet of what he does influences the other things he is involved in. He’s worked on lighting, been behind the camera, acted, etc., and uses each to hone his skills for others.

It was a very intimate and in-depth interview about her new novel, The Ravaged, and how he used personal experiences and people he met to create the stories in the book. He also included many other elements about his life and where he draws inspiration from.

Highlights shared by Reedus:

  • The path The Walking Dead ends is heartbreaking.
  • The spin-off will be different in a really awesome way and a few surprises.
  • Ride with Keanu will take place in Utah
  • Big Bald Head whiskey is coming.
  • Working on a new photo book
  • Paris Art Exhibition

The interviewer asked about the books that speak to his soul:

  • The Master and Margarita Mikhail Bulgakov
  • The Sneeches of Dr. Suess

The interviewer asked about literary influences:

  • Leopold Von Sacher-Masoch
  • Aldous Huxley

Reedus is a fascinating individual who prefers not to sit idle, which is evident in every project he’s involved in. Sitting down and listening to him talk for an hour about his book and his life was a significant departure from the interviews about his acting, which his fans are familiar with. He was in a hotel room and then on the balcony for the interview, and it was a casual conversation where he shared many different avenues of his life and his creative processes.

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Angela C. Hale