Transitioning Veterans Conference May 19 in Valley City

VALLEY CITY, ND ( – Season 21 of the Barnes County Historical Society Lecture Series features: Will Brink “Veterans in Transition; From Fight to Your Neighborhood” 7:00 p.m. Thursday, May 19 at the Barnes County Museum. If you ask people who have fought what they fought for, they will say “each other”. However, the bigger picture includes the threat to our security posed by Russia, China and other rogue countries and states.

“The Squad” is a simply written book comprised of interviews, treatment episodes, and insight from men and women who successfully transitioned into life during and after military enlistment. In this book, it will become clear that we all have a role to play in reducing the veteran suicide rate which currently fluctuates from 15 to 22 a day.

There is no continent or ocean that does not have an American citizen serving on our behalf to protect and watch over those who would threaten our society. It is for this reason that we need to discuss how we can support and encourage these people to continue to do so. We can help these veterans in their transition when it is time for them to return to our neighborhoods.

The struggle to transition to civilian life, some experts say, is as daunting as dealing with PTSD or PTSD symptoms.
What is different now for our military men and women? The 15/22 people who desperately commit suicide that day need YOU to be available to help them realize that they fought for the right to be cared for by US.

SQUAD shows others that life as a veteran, new or old, is valued and VALID.

Writing and encouraging others to create a Lifetime Contract is our way of supporting the reduction of suicides among those who volunteer daily to watch over us. The role we have to participate in this contract is flexible but extremely important.

William D. Brink, (Will) was a licensed MS/LAC substance abuse counselor for over 44 years and a Vietnam veteran serving in a helicopter recovery unit. He was a consultant with the North Dakota BCBS and last worked at Prairie St. Johns in Fargo, providing clinical services to veterans and civilians. He previously practiced in Minnesota, North Carolina, and oversaw a halfway house and social drug rehabilitation center in North Carolina.

Will is currently active in contributing to the welfare of veterans of all branches and recently wrote, “The Squad,” which addresses; the transition and the suicidal problems of our military. Proceeds from the book were granted to meet the educational needs of veterans wishing to join the counseling field.

Will resides in South Carolina and Minnesota while supporting treatment and response efforts to help our military men and women through the OPFOB, SCVA, VPA and other causes that educate, treat or help veterans to….come home.

All lectures are held at the Barnes County Historical Society Museum and are held in conjunction with Valley City State University. They are free and open to the public.

For more information, contact Wes Anderson at 701-845-0966.

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Angela C. Hale