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Hubballi: Who says the current generation is turning away from books? We can’t believe that hubballia commercial city called Chota Mumbai still has a fondness for books, like its twin city Dharwad.
Hubballi residents bought around 11,000 books in just four days at 99bookscart.com’s book show and sale
Mahantesh Hiremath, owner of 99bookscart.com, told TOI that he has organized many book exhibitions in Pune, Bengaluru, Mysuru, Mangaluru and other cities. “We chose Hubballi to organize a pilot exhibition. As we received a terrific response, we look forward to holding it again in the next two or three months here,” he added.
Hiremath holds an MS and was a software engineer at a private company in the United States for nine years. When he thought of relocating to Karnataka, he started selling books both online and offline in August 2019.
“My larger intention was to raise awareness of the importance of reading books. I realized that if books are available at an economical price, people will buy them. When I worked in the United States, I started an online book selling business from 2017. We have books in nine languages,” he said.
It has a stock of over five lakh pounds with over two lakh titles. He has provided a space where visitors can sit and read books, so they can decide whether or not to buy a book.
Veena Gayakwad, a teacher, said she had a golden opportunity to buy a dozen books priced at Rs 1,199 in a small box. “They kept boxes of Rs 1,699 and Rs 2,199. We can fill whatever books we want in the box. If the box is filled with 12 to 15 pounds, we can use them all,” she added.
A box of Rs 1,699 could be filled with 17-19 pounds while a box of Rs 2,199 can hold 23-25 ​​pounds.
Vijay Gunari, a book enthusiast, said he took advantage of the exchange facility. “I gave away a few old books at the rate of Rs 49 per kg and bought many other books in return,” he said.
Hiremath said he wouldn’t pay cash for such an exchange, but people could buy other books. When asked if the income was higher than that of a technician’s work, he replied that it could not be compared. “As an employee, I had a fixed salary. Here, if I work more, I will get more profit. Online selling is also good as we ship books all over India. We have a database of around 1.5 million customers and most of them buy books once every three months. We’ve helped around 2,000 other booksellers sell their books on our platform,” he said.


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Angela C. Hale