Urban historian Ken Jackson will lecture on the future of cities at UC

Like a number of cities, Cincinnati’s population is growing. It has withstood a centuries-old pandemic and has a booming real estate market and vibrant cultural life. But there are also big challenges – widespread poverty, changing business and lifestyle trends, and the impending impact of climate change. So what’s next for cities like Cincinnati?

A lecture given on Thursday evening by the famous urban historian of Columbia University, Ken Jackson, will try to answer this question. To do so, it will draw on lessons from the past, including those uncovered by another preeminent thinker on cities – the late Zane L. Miller, who taught and researched at the University of Cincinnati.

Miller was one of the nation’s most brilliant urban historians, teaching and researching for decades during the 20th century. Since 2016, the university has held an annual conference in his honor.

The conference, organized by the University of Cincinnati History Department and the UC Center for the City, takes place tonight at 7 p.m. and is free and open to the public.

Jackson joins Cincinnati Edition for an overview of his conference. Center for the City director Dr. Anne Delano Steinert and Xavier University history professor Dr. John Fairfield also join us to talk about Cincinnati’s past, present and future. .

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Angela C. Hale